My job is to help leaders gain a new or wider perspective on the way they approach a set of problems or challenges.

The key is to do it in a way that acknowledges the constraints each person has and in a way that is harmonious. For this I use a spiritually inspired approach.

If you have a challenge for an ambitious project that no one else has been able to solve --- I may be able to help.

I mostly create solutions to unique challenges by focusing on narrative or process

The Challenge
China has suffered much negative reporting regards its $65bn CPEC project and is still largely seen as another East India Company.

The Solution:
In addition to narrative, I developed the technical and creative blueprint as part of a PR exercise in order to appease an audience of 200+ of the country's top diplomats in a harmonious and organic way to get them to see this was not a repeat of the same.

The Challenge:
The founders of Viddyoze, a provider of AI driven video animation had plenty of experience and success in Facebook marketing but wanted to accelerate their marketing growth.

The Solution:
I proposed a Dropbox like approach, i.e. a deep dive of the customer using data analysis.  I formalised the strategy and spearheaded the Business Intelligence project and contributed to helping them become one of the fastest growing video animation companies in the UK.

The Challenge:
After having spoken to many potential investors and not having expectations met by co-producers, a producer/writer team approached me to help them raise funds for their unique script.

The Solution:
I recognised the issue was the way in which the funds were being raised and the investors were being approached and not the script or the co-producers. Thus, I coached the producer and writer team on how to create a winning pitch deck that went on to successfully raise funds from a production company with shared values. Filming began in summer 2018.

The Challenge:
The founders of an energy utility company were struggling with getting the right talent on board.

The Solution:
I helped the energy utility company see that the issues were with their on-boarding process and so helped them make changes to their work and hiring culture in order to improve organisational harmony and reduce stress for the founders while also increasing throughput.

The Challenge:
In many parts of the world, entrepreneurship is not considered a dignified pursuit, despite being an ideal solution to many of their problems.

The Solution:
I wrote a book that opened to 5-star reviews to encourage a global audience on the idea of spiritually inspired entrepreneurship.