You are the conductor of the entire orchestra.

I am the provider of the auditorium and all that it entails for you to conduct your masterpiece.

If you have a challenge for an ambitious project that no one else has been able to solve; I may be able to help.

My Business Strategy work involves helping all types of organisations scale-up. I mostly focus on projects that have some sort of social or socio-economic impact and aim for 10x growth where possible.

You can learn more about this work at my company website:

Helping organisations to scale usually means taking primary responsibility for bringing or providing further investment, resources, talent and strategic expertise for all aspects of growth.

I’m not strictly a business coach or consultant since I generally don’t charge upfront fees or have "clients". I am an active stakeholder or partner in each project.

As for Behavioural Strategy, my job is to help Founders and Leaders ‘rewire’ themselves to think and do: bigger, better and most importantly, bolder. I often take a spiritual approach in helping them achieve this.

As an Author, I wrote Billion Dollar Muslim, which was a calling to the Muslim community to take on spiritually inspired entrepreneurship wholesale as a means of social change.

My podcast — the Billion Dollar Muslim Podcast— is an extension of the themes covered in the book.