A Behavioural Strategist uses optimised thinking patterns to create elegant solutions to unique problems.

I use a spiritually inspired approach to help leaders of ambitious projects create more harmony for their projects and for themselves.

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The work can seem varied but the main areas of focus are always the same I.e. narrative and process

In addition to narrative, I developed the technical and creative blueprint as part of a PR exercise for a $65bn project known as CPEC. This was done in order to appease an audience of 200+ of the country's top diplomats in a harmonious and organic way.

I formalised the strategy and spearheaded the Business Intelligence project for one of the fastest growing video animation companies in the UK with clients such as Tesla and Caffe Nero, to use data-driven insights in order to increase revenue. The key was to be clear on what it is the customer wants.

I coached a producer and writer team on how to create a winning pitch deck that went on to successfully raise funds from a production company woth shared values. Filming began in summer 2018.

I helped an energy utility company make changes to their work and hiring culture in order to improve organisational harmony and reduce stress for the founders while also increasing throughput.

I wrote a book that opened to 5-star reviews to encourage a global audience on the idea of spiritually inspired entrepreneurship.