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Khuram Advises Founders & CEOs
Between 2013 and 2015, Khuram advised over 150 Founders and CEO's around the globe. He helped them improve their Sales and Marketing, Grow Their Brand, Hire Better Talent and Attract Investment. He is now the Chief Strategist and Founder at Stratagem.io, a company that is often hailed as The "Outsourced CEO". He is incredibly passionate about Entrepreneurship and is a firm believer in it being a primary driver for social change. He is also the author of the highly-praised book, Billion Dollar Muslim.
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[Blog] Fiercely Loyal
Having a large base of loyal customers that fight for your brand, covet it at every step of the way and refuse to abandon you, is every business owner’s dream. What few know is that achieving that dream, even if you’re only a “small player” is really easy. On the list of all the small “adjustments” you could make to your business that reap the greatest rewards, this probably tops the list. 
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