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Spiritual Inspiration for The Muslim Entrepreneur

Get the book that presents the best argument for Entrepreneurship as the primary career choice as encouraged by Islam. With plenty of stories and examples showing the importance of adopting entrepreneurship as a Muslim

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What’s inside

Chapter 2

The Great Longing for Change: It's Time to Get out of the 'Rat Race'

Chapter 3

Till Debt Do Us Part: The Need for Financial Re-Education

Chapter 4

Leading the Way: Focusing on Humanity

"Khuram’s insightful book is a timely contribution to the global conversation surrounding Islamic startups and Muslim entrepreneurship. His personal stories from first-hand experience are inspirational and practical."
Peter Gould
Founder of Creative Ummah
"This book inspires the courage to leap into entrepreneurship in a God conscious way. I couldn't put this book down and look forward to more content in the future.”
Zanib Mian
CEO of Sweet Apple Books
"I enjoyed how you used these stories to illustrate a moral and spiritual lesson. There is an Islamic 'thread' running through the whole book linking entrepreneurship and the teachings in Islam, which I feel after reading your book, are so intrinsically linked.”
Parveez Subhan
Founder/Director Halal Spot
"I like the way that you have used new styles and ideas to bring the concept of Entrepreneurship to the masses. This is exactly the kind of new-age thinking that we need. This is very refreshing."
Shaykh Umar Vadillo
Founder of the Islamic Gold Dinar movement

The Author

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist,  author,  blogger and husband. He is a five-star rated consultant, cited in business  magazines such as BizJournals.com and an adviser to business leaders and well known start-up founders.

He has helped clients raise millions in investments, developed branding and marketing strategies that rival Apple and Uber and coached hundreds of founders with further developing their own founder psyche.

He's a firm believer and an evangelist for entrepreneurship, having started his own entrepreneurial journey in his teens. He currently resides in London with his wife and is the chief strategist and founder of Stratagem.io, a disruptive consulting company for small to medium size enterprises and startups. 

Visit his website at http://stratagem.io/